Friday, November 9, 2012

VAT Trap

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan
This VAT-removal gimmick that the People's Partnership Government is trying to use to distract us from the fact that Jack Warner is still a minister, Anand Ramlogan is Attorney General and the Prime Minister would rather parade the catwalk than address issues of national importance is creating a lot more problems than it's going to solve.

Despite the fact that supermarkets and the Customs and Excise Division still haven't received the final list of items to become VAT-free next Thursday, said AG has declared that there's nothing to worry about because all the government needs to do is sign and publish a Legal Order, which they're definitely going to do before Thursday.

Never mind that Customs needs time to actually apply the VAT exemption, or that it might be a bit unreasonable to expect grocery stores to change the labeling of 7,000 items overnight.

Honestly. Even when the government is obviously obfuscating, it's pretty inept about it.

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