Monday, March 19, 2012

Once Upon a Time ... A T&T Fairy Tale (Part I)

Once upon a time I wrote a fairy tale on Twitter.

Let me set the scene:

It was the end of a very long Friday a couple of months ago. I had survived a harrowing journey filled with twists and turns, successfully battled fierce (if dimwitted) opponents and was looking forward to the peace of the weekend (even though I had to work that Sunday). There was just one hurdle left to cross. 

Travelling home. 

Now, the journey from St. Clair to Chaguanas is harrowing on a good day. This, however, happened to be a rainy day. Those who work in Port of Spain know what happens to the evening commute when it rains. Those who don't should imagine what it would be like to travel home in a place where 15 minutes of continuous rain causes moderate flooding - which in turn causes all commuters to panic - and there's no reliable public transportation system to save you. Oh, and it's rush hour. Sound hopeless? No? Then you're not imagining it right.

Anyway, as I stood on the sidewalk trying to keep my feet dry and praying for rescue, I decided to distract myself with Twitter. Don't ask me where the idea for the story came from; I haven't a clue. It started off as a way to pass the time. It wasn't supposed to go anywhere, really, but then when I paused (probably while climbing out of one humid, rickety taxi and into another) and a few of my followers asked for the next installment, I kind of had to continue.

It took me more than 2 hours to get home that day. Rather than spending the time bitching and moaning via Twitter (AKA, my usual M.O.) I filled the time with this story, otherwise known as The Way I Killed Two Hours While Stuck In Traffic on a Rainy Evening That One Time OR My Frustration: in Three Acts (I suck at titles).

It's meandering, it's random and it's pretty cheesy in places but, I think it's actually sort of entertaining.

Act One - Same Old Khaki Pants

Click here for Act 2 of our tale, whereupon we discover whether a hero (heroine, really) has finally arisen to free the plebs from their miserable existence.

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