Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hysterics or Hilarity?

(from The New Yorker)
Once upon a time, the blatant lies and pathetic attempts of misdirection by T&T's politicians caused me great upset.

A single headline quoting Jack Warner, Anand Ramlogan or any number of other local politicians was enough to cause a spike in my blood pressure as I struggled to fathom the audacity required to insult the population with such boldfaced doublespeak. My loved ones feared that I'd eventually keel over and die of an aneurysm while reading the morning paper.

And then there were the countless hours that I spent trying to draw attention to the asinine antics of our government. I felt like Cassandra trying to warn her countrymen about impending doom, no more so than when the nation was in the grips of one of the festivities of the day (Independence, Christmas, New Year's, Carnival, etc. etc. etc.).

It was enough to drive a woman mad.

But never again. No longer will I allow these politicians to drive my pulse sky high with their nonsense. If I'm going to suddenly drop dead, it won't be because Jack Warner has had his third racist epiphany of the week.


Why hot up my head? As the old saying goes, "When in Rome..." And what do Trinis do when their politicians are acting the straight fool in the public arena? Why, they laugh.

This meme would work just as well with
a direct quote from Dr. Mohammed.
(via People's Partnership Memes)
So here I am, reading all about Dr. Hafizool Mohammed's fantastical CV and having a proper giggle. Not just because of the incredible fabrications on the page (or the even more unbelievable ones coming out of his mouth), but because this man is clearly pissing on this nation's figurative head and calling it rain. And what are we, The People, doing about it? Well, most of us are probably scrambling for the last few tickets to Soca Monarch!

It really is priceless and if folks who were born and raised here can't be bothered to care when the nation's elite openly disrespect them, who am I - a seven-year transplant - get vex?

Nah, man. What I really want to know is ... anyone have a Monarch VIP ticket they want to sell? (I'm tryna meet Vivica Fox!)

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