Friday, April 13, 2012

Interested in a little fiction?

And I do mean a little fiction.

The back-story on this could easily end up being longer than the piece itself.

Many moons ago, a friend invited me along to a Writers Union of T&T meeting. I had a great time and ended up joining, although my crazy work schedule got in the way and I haven't been back in quite some time.

Before I was pulled away, I was challenged to write a short story that included the titles or characters of five other works-in-progress that members had brought along to the meeting. In under 100 words. I didn't make the hundred, but I got pretty close (187, to be exact).

They liked it well enough that they've decided to publish this slightly edited version (and another equally short one) in their next journal.

I'd love to hear your thoughts (extra points to anyone who can guess what the titles/characters were):


Old Blue Eyes

"Bedtime," he called, pushing her door open slowly.

He'd sent her to bed 15 minutes ago, but he gave her time to drop her toys and scamper into place before he entered.

"All good little girls should be in bed!"

"Yes Daddy," she replied sweetly, pulling her covers up under her chin and readying herself for a story.

"Which one tonight, hun?"

"Missa and Missy Billy Goat!" she exclaimed. "I want to know what happens to Behbeh!"

"Okay, just let me close these windows."

As he moved to shut the drapes, she squealed: "No! Leave them Daddy! I want to see the moon. Look how big!"

"Is it?" he mused.

The thought of the full moon reminded him of those special nights when he and his wife would surrender to the call of love.

"Old Blue Eyes", she would call him. Whisper, really, as the Chairman of the Board himself crooned softly in the background.

If he tried, he could almost feel her breath caress his ear. Almost.

But now the little one was getting restless.

With a sigh, he settled into his favorite chair, pulled out the old standby and found his way to where he'd left off.


His fingers found the familiar raised characters.

"Let's begin."

UPDATE: Apparently, I'll be reading this (mercifully brief) short story live during this year's Bocas Lit Fest. (No one told me that this writing thing would lead to public speaking...)

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