Monday, October 29, 2012

Another School in Poor Condition

This is how the experts at the Ministry of Works and Ministry of Education have collectively decided to deal with electrical problems at St. George's College.

The panel is overheating and the wiring is starting to burn, so they've just posted a fan there to keep things cool. Just for the while, I'm sure.

The thing is, though... the system is so bad that breakers keep tripping as the overwhelmed main panel attempts to shed the extra load. It's so bad that all of the lights in the classes can't be used at the same time without causing an overload.

So ... I wonder what would happen if the wrong breaker tripped and the fan lost power? In that school with wooden floors?

I'm always the first to ask why Trinis feel compelled to hold their fellow citizens hostage whenever they have a longstanding grievance, but the principal has been writing letters to the Ministry of Education since September of 2011 and the situation's only getting worse. How much more patience should they be expected to produce while children's lives are potentially at risk?

Also, why the hell are T&T's schools so dilapidated?


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