Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reporter’s phone records leaked to CDA

CDA chairman Danny Solomon

The media, flawed as it is, remains T&T's only means of discovering the shenanigans going on behind closed political doors and the People's Partnership Government, despite frequent vows to support the media, continues to try to undermine them at every turn.

Now, the Chaguaramas Development Authority is getting in on the act, allegedly leaning on majority state-owned TSTT to get the phone records of a reporter who broke a story on alleged corruption within their ranks. They wanted a source, so they reportedly requested the records "surreptitiously" in order to find out who'd been talking to the media.

This, from a Government which rode into power on claims of accountability and transparency and shut down the Special Anti-Crime Unit of T&T amid claims that it was spying on the Prime Minister (just before she became the Prime Minister).


I await further commentary from the International Press Institute.

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