Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Latest PP Misstep?

Communications Minister
Jamal Mohammed

Just in case you thought that the last line of my last post was a throwaway, here are the details, courtesy of TV6's Facebook page:

Government's Communications Minister Jamal Mohammed writes CCN Group Head of News a letter of complaint which he said is not the government's position but "just the vides [sic] of an insignificant muslim coolie from San Juan".
He said the letter was not for publication but CCN Head of News informed him that that was not possible given his position in the Cabinet. CCN regards the letter to be an act of attempted intimidation and, therefore the contents deserved to be made public.
The e-mail pointed out the following:
1. 'Something seems to be going on at TV6 and the Express and it is not too nice.'
2. 'A blind man can see that there is a clear bias at both TV6 and the Express.'
3. '...reports are being presented in the name of investigative journalism and the only rationale for these reports is to embarrass certain individuals."
4. "It is clear to me that there is a specific agenda to discredit Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and members of her government."
5. "Since May 2010, I have seen for myself a deliberate and targetted barrage of accusations and misrepresentations about the People's Partnership as if there is an ultimate objective to make the Government fall."
6. "To make matters worse, a deliberate programme has appeared on both TV6 and the Express, where the PNM is being re-branded, refreshed and re-aligned so that it will become a new PNM ready for governance with the fall of the People's Partnership".
7. "I have noticed that anytime (without exception) there is a perceived problem concerning the Partnership Government, there is always a PNM Official ready, willing and able to make comment. This is most unfortunate."
At this point, I'd speculate about Mohammed having lined himself up to be the latest sacked minister, but given the PM's unwillingness to address such interactions with the media thus far, I figure he'll escape with little more than a late-night phone-call issuing a directive to begin backpedaling first thing in the morning.

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