Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Officers under investigation after prisoner escapes for the FOURTH time

So...  a prisoner being held on murder charges manages to skip police custody for the fourth time in three years, and the T&T Police Service has finally decided that an investigation is in order...
Charged with the 2009 murder of Lennox Bellerand Jr., Leston Elvis (also known as Kirby Pamphile) is a very accomplished escape artist:

On December 6th 2009, he jumped into the East Dry River after being taken to the Port of Spain General hospital for self inflicted injuries. He was found three days later at his grandmother's house.

Then, in February of 2010, he was sent for a psychiatric evaluation at St. Ann's Hospital, where he - again - escaped in September of that year.

He was recaptured, but then in February of 2011, he scaled the wall of Port of Spain's Remand Yard and vanished for a few minutes before police and prison officers found him hiding at a house nearby.

This last escape happened Monday, October 8th, when Elvis - who was being escorted into the Siparia Police Station at the time - he kicked a police officer in his shin and fled to a getaway car. He wasn't cuffed because both hands were in casts.

So far, he's managed to evade road blocks from Siparia to San Fernando, but the police are confident that he's still in the country.

I ask you: when a man manages to somehow get by police and prison officers three times in three years, is there any reason why he wouldn't be shackled anytime he got anywhere near a door? Or an exterior wall?

Also: are these two Siparia officers the only ones under investigation? Surely they weren't there when he jumped in a river, escaped from the mental hospital or hopped a prison wall (how low is that wall?!?)?

I suppose it'd be ridiculous to ask about protocols for high-risk prisoners...

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