Monday, October 15, 2012

Fed up with spin

Another incredibly apt column, this time by former Independent Senator Dana Seetahal, addressing the constant (and incredibly transparent) spin of the People's Partnership.
My favorite part:
I wonder if the Government is so shrouded from real public response that its members are sublimely unaware of the growing distaste for this type of behaviour by right thinking people in the society. It may well be that being surrounded by sycophants and with former media personnel on the payroll who perform the spins they do not appreciate the reaction of the average person. Whatever the reason unless there is some drastic change in attitude the alienation will continue to escalate.
I make this strong statement not because I am a supporter or a detractor of the Government but simply because I have come to the personal realisation that we cannot continue like this if this country is not to descend into an abyss of corruption and stagnancy. In other words, I care about my country and I am sick of these bumblings week after week. I am also embarrassed when regional colleagues comment, as they are entitled, on threats to the media, to the administration of justice and constant marching by civil society. What is going on they ask? Democracy in action, I respond somewhat weakly.
Their continued refusal to take any real responsibility for their actions and increasingly inept attempts to spin their own blunders into incidents of misspeaking, misinterpretation or Opposition mischief are an embarrassment to the country. As are their supporters' attempts to excuse them.

This is not the governance we voted for.

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