Monday, October 15, 2012

TSTT Responds to Allegations of a Leak

In response to yesterday's Guardian article alleging that TSTT leaked the phone records to the Chaguaramas Development Authority so that they could track down a Guardian reporter's sources, the telecommunications company had this to say:
TSTT wishes to reinforce that it treats any request regarding the dissemination of customers’ call detail records to anyone as a serious matter. The issuing of customer call detail records by any employee of TSTT to anyone, outside of established lawful procedures results in the strongest disciplinary action including dismissal and or external legal action.
These procedures and the associated penalties have been clearly communicated to all our personnel at every level of the organization, who have the requisite access and this is strictly enforced.
We uphold our obligation to comply with the law as stated in the Interception of Communications Act 2010 (“the Act”). Customer call detail records are ONLY provided to an authorized officer by means of the issue of a notice in writing. Such a notice in writing must be preceded by a warrant issued under the Act, which authorizes the disclosure. It must also be noted that a customer who is the registered owner of an account can request and receive outgoing call detail records for that specific account as it is his/her own information.
TSTT notes the accusation published in the Sunday Guardian headline and article dated October 14th, 2012 and we have already signaled our intention to investigate this matter thoroughly to ensure that our procedures were not breached nor our name unfairly tarnished. Our company has all the necessary technology to ascertain the veracity of this accusation and will if necessary, as it has in the past, take the swift action required to enforce penalties on anyone found to be in breach of the law and or persons / companies seeking to damage its good name.
Our company remains dedicated to continuing its long-standing relationship of trust with its customers and we take this opportunity to re-assure the public that we remain vigilant in our commitment to protect customers' information and privacy and to operate as guided by the law.

I eagerly await the outcome of this investigation.

The Media Association of T&T has also issued a (surprisingly timely) statement on the matter. See it here.

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