Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Corruption? What corruption?

"They talk of corruption in my Government and up to today they cannot give me one specific instance of corruption. They call names, they blame people, there's nothing I've seen evidence of and I promise you this—the day any evidence of corruption comes in my face I will deal with it.
"No minister will stand, no councillor will stand and no board member will stand. I've already demonstrated my commitment to transparency and accountability."
That's Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, speaking at at THA election fundraiser.

After Reshmi-Gate, Ixanos, Cheryl Miller, the SOE, The $8.8 million India trip that we did/didn't/did pay forJack and the Highway Re-Route Movement, Turtlegate, Partap, Section 34, Jack and the crime statistics, iGovTT, Jack and the media, the CDA and the media, and after BOLT.

After the numerous other instances of corruption and controversy that have plagued her government on a weekly basis since they took office, after plentiful reshuffles and firings... after all of that, she says that no one can give her a specific instance of corruption. She says there is no evidence of corruption.

Now, I'm well aware that the PM and her menagerie of apologists will argue that someone has resigned or been reshuffled or fired as a result of most of the above ... blunders, and they're right. As a general rule, when enough fuss is made, someone is usually moved to the back bench or handed a diplomatic posting. Unless the culprit is too powerful or favored, at which point, she just pretends not to hear the public outcry, doing the political equivalent of sticking her fingers in her ears and humming.

But all of that is besides the point, because the fact that she reacts at all would indicate that these instances of corruption are legitimate. Which is to say that she has been given many specific instances of corruption. Given, mind you. As far as We The People can see, the Prime Minister has never once rooted out the rampant corruption residing within her own government and - if not for the media they persist in attacking - no one would've known a thing about it, because she's turning a blind eye to it all.


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