Thursday, October 18, 2012

Say what?

So the Hoop of Life program has officially been launched (to the tune of $300,000, but that's another blog post) and the Government got another chance to tout its ingenious Shaq-approved/crime-fighting measure. Of course, as Jack Warner and Anil Roberts were the ones doing the talking, you know it had to be good:

Roberts complained that when money was spent by the previous administration there were not much questions about it but there always seemed to be questions raised whenever the People's Partnership sought to spend money.
You got that, folks? When the PNM was in power, we let them do as they pleased, so it's only fair that - as it's the PP's turn now - we pay them the same courtesy. It's not as if they rode into power on a platform of accountability and transparency. It's not as if we have a right to ask about the exorbitant expenditure that resulted in a visit by and play-date with Shaquille O'Neal. We didn't bug the PNM, so we can't bug the PP. Them's the rules.

Oh and, speaking of Dr. Shaq:
During his feature address, Warner said the State did not pay for O'Neal's visit, adding that his visit was just a mere coincidence.
Asked to clarify whether O'Neal was invited by the State to appear in support of the programme or "happened to be in the country", Warner said: "I want to stick to what I have said. I say he happened to be here. And believe you me he will come back next year for the end of the competition."
Once again,  let's review:

a. Government didn't pay for Shaq to come to T&T, he just happened to be here ... at the same time that the Government was launching a basketball program. Which is cool, because it's not like Warner announced the exact opposite thing back in July before changing his mind, or anything.

b. Shaq will just happen to be here again when the program ends next year.

Got it?

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