Thursday, October 18, 2012

Conflict of Interest?

So... the drama with the Chaguaramas Development Authority continues as the board waits to hear who will be staying and who will be going after Planning Minister Dr Bhoe Tewarie's Cabinet note. But that's not why I'm sharing this Guardian article.

I'm sharing it because it says that TSTT Chairman Everald Snaggs is also the CDA's head of security.
Let's pause a minute to take that in.

The CDA was recently accused of requesting the TSTT phone records of a Guardian reporter in order to track down a source within the company that had been leaking confidential information. When the story broke, TSTT vowed to investigate and the CDA explained that it had requested its own phone records, which it is well within its rights to do. (Well, part of the CDA said that. Seven out of nine board members disavowed any knowledge of the whole thing).

An optimistic person could be forgiven wanting to believe that this has all been a big misunderstanding... but for the fact that the CDA's head of security ... possibly the person tasked with finding the leak ... is also the chairman of TSTT.


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