Thursday, October 18, 2012

PoS Flooding: A Thing of the Past?

 Environment and Water Resources
Minister Ganga Singh
In between yesterday's race baiting, Environment and Water Resources Minister Ganga Singh found time to express his plans for the end of flooding in Port of Spain:
“It is our hope that by the end of 2015 we will be in a position to cure the flooding problem in Port-of-Spain,” he added.
 Singh said the plan involved work on nine drainage packages in the capital city. He said the exercise would create inconveniences for people in the city but it was necessary to ensure the flooding problem was no more.
Now... why does this sound familiar? It must be ... no, wait ... Oh! Right!
Former Works and Transport Minister
 Jack Warner
“There will be an end to flooding before my term is over, otherwise I will not be here. I must leave a legacy of a country where flooding is a thing of the past, this is why I am here walking with the people.” [...]
“I pledge I would correct them. Some would be done immediately and some would be done in the coming weeks. These problems shall be resolved,” he promised. 
That's Jack Warner, then-Minister of Works and Transport. Way back when in 2010.

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